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Ty Safreno, co-founder of Trust Automation, is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer and Chairman of the Board. Serving as CEO/CTO, Ty oversees the company strategy and direction that drives continued growth. With an extensive background in industrial controls and a focus in motion control, Ty successfully guided the product development and engineering service aspects of Trust Automation. His previous employment at JR Robotics, Ziatech Corporation, and Enter Automation provided broad exposure to multiple industrial automation fields. Past management positions and engineering responsibilities at these companies have been a cornerstone in Trust Automation’s “can do” culture and long-term view of business and customer relations. Ty received his formal education at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Currently Ty serves as a Board Member for the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, Economic Vitality Corp. (EVC), and is Co-Chair of the Technology Manufacturing Counsel of EVC.