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Precision motion control systems for semiconductor fabrication

The semiconductor industry continues to evolve as engineers develop new generations of electronic devices that are smaller, more powerful and more cost effective than ever before. Our motion control systems can help you keep pace with this evolution.

Our custom motion systems and high-bandwidth drive technology can boost the speed, performance and yields of semiconductor tools used throughout the fabrication process—from deposition systems to wafer cleaning, handling and metrology.


  • Providing systems and solutions since 1990 for up to 300 mm wafers
  • Custom motion systems for front- and back-end processes
  • ISO7/Class 10,000 clean room
  • Low-noise linear amplifiers
  • High-speed spindle control
  • In-chamber wafer handling
  • Custom ultra-high-vacuum robots
  • Copy exact manufacturing facility

Built For Semiconductor

Linear Drives
Digital Drives
D-1041 8-Axis System
Ultra-High-Vacuum Robot

Success Stories

ReVera UHV Robot System

Custom Wafer Control Solution