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Control and power management for medical machines

Now more than ever, medical professionals rely on advanced technologies—including health assessment, monitoring, diagnostic, imaging and robotic surgical equipment. Implementing these systems improves patient outcomes while making many common medical practices more cost-effective and efficient.

Trust is on the front lines of control and power management for today’s medical machines. Our precision motion systems, which combine our expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, maintain the highest levels of patient and provider safety, reliability and efficiency. From developing software for a robotic centrifuge to specifying linear amplifier technology for a new diagnostic machine, our engineers bring innovative ideas and reliable manufacturing together to provide you with turnkey solutions.


  • Precision motion systems
  • Noninvasive diagnostic equipment
  • Strict version control
  • AEMS battery and battery management
  • Low electrical noise motion control for imaging systems
  • Product lifecycle support
  • Full system certification support and maintenance
  • AS9100D Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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