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The Trust Automation SE600 Series Brushless Servo Motors are compact, high quality motors designed specifically to reduce motor size while increasing motor torque. The torque ripple is low, approximately 0.3% of the rate motor torque.

Available in four frame sizes, the SE600 Series delivers continuous stall torque from 0.96 lb-in to 43.37 lb-in and peaks from 2.85 lb-in to 130.11 lb-in. The increased torque and smooth operation of the SE600 Series motors is due to the increased number of pole pairs on the rotor. While many motors of this size have four pairs and some as many as eight pairs, the SE600 Series has ten pole pairs providing the best performance available.

This low inertia model is suited best in applications that require high acceleration capability allowing the application to position faster. Faster positioning translates to higher machine throughput. Application examples include medical imaging, semiconductor processing, packaging and robotics.

The SE600 motor line includes standard US 2000 line encoders with differential encoder signals, (A, B, and Index) and Hall Sensors with standard hall signals (U, V, W). They have very low torque ripple, at 0.3% of rated torque. All models are oil sealed and have brake and tachometer (110W and larger) options.