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AGILE Energy Management System™

Flexible and Distributed Power Technology

AGILE Energy Management System™ (AEMS™) integrates a Battery Management System with individual Cell Management circuitry, enabling a highly configurable and expandable power source solution.  System intelligence options include cell balancing, programmable override, bypass, state of charge, and state of health indication. The systems are flexible and adaptable to any battery chemistry, voltage, power, weight, and mission requirement. They can be designed to fit from normal to rugged, harsh environments.

Energy Management Network Technology enables configurable distributed architecture in a quick to market time frame built around each customers’ system.

Trust Automation can provide cell testing per customer requirements for validation, to ensure extreme reliability prior to release. Built with AS9100 and ISO9001:2008 standards and lot numbers, systems are traced at pack level and shipped with Certificates of Conformance.

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