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I Became an Engineer: To Get Off the Tractor

This week’s story is brought to us by reader John Chernekoff, VP Engineering Trust Automation, Inc. I grew up in an agricultural family. Farming was a great experience. I enjoyed the gratification of seeing the results of hard work, and I love the outdoors, but…there were some downsides.

Trust Automation Contributes to the Development of Life Saving Drones Delivering Vital Medical Supplies to Rwanda

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., May 24, 2016 — Trust Automation, Inc., known for standard and custom high efficiency motors and controls as well as support system solutions, today announced that it has designed and manufactured a custom system that contributes to the successful flights of drones that deliver lifesaving medical supplies to people who live […]

Trust Automation, Inc. – Solving the Most Complicated Military Needs

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape of unconventional battlefields and irregular warfare, our soldiers need to quickly locate and neutralize mortar and rocket threats. The U.S. Army’s objectives call for custom engineered systems to take the lead in providing solutions that can be rapidly developed and deployed.  These systems need to be both accurate and […]

Advanced Battery Technology Charges Energy Management System

First Published in U.S. Tech The Global Electronics Publication 9/13/2014 By Robin Mitchell Hee, Jason Walsh, and Matthew Barsotti, Trust Automation, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA Battery power is essential for a wide range of portable and mobile electronic devices, and advances in battery technology can serve many different applications. To assist a variety of different […]

Trust Automation Motion Control Solutions Contribute to the Success of the MEADS FT-2 Missile Test

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., November 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Trust Automation, Inc., the world’s leading developer of linear servo drives and creator of custom and standard high precision motion control and system design devices for the defense and other industries, announced today that they have contributed successfully to the test of the Medium Extended Air […]

Trust Automation Designs and Manufactures Ultra High Vacuum Robot

ReVera is a leading provider of next-generation metrology used to monitor and control films and critical layers deployed in the semiconductor manufacturing process. ReVera has developed a unique process for measuring semiconductor-device thin films and layers. As semiconductor features become smaller and smaller, optical measurement and inspection techniques become less reliable. To address that problem, […]